The American Biology Teacher: δωρεάν το τεύχος Φεβρουαρίου 2021

Με αφορμή τη σημερινή γενέθλια μέρα του Κάρολου Δαρβίνου, το περιοδικό The American Biology Teacher προσφέρει δωρεάν το τεύχος Φεβρουάριος-2021 στο αναγνωστικό κοινό.

Δείτε παρακάτω τα περιεχόμενα του τεύχους.

Feature Article
Origin of Life: An Update on New Evidence & Theories
Examining relevant contemporary theories about the origin of life as well as new scientific evidence obtained recently that supports them, Cristina Sousa

The Misuse of Pedigree Analysis in the Eugenics Movement
Examining the misuse of pedigree analysis during the eugenics era as a cautionary tale for those who are now harnessing the latest genetic technologies to solve complex problems, Mark Shotwell

What John Scopes Told His Family & Friends about His Trial
Answering questions with new information from a previously ignored source – the family and friends of John Scopes, Randy Moore

Research on Learning
Developing & Testing Curricula for Teaching Evolutionary Concepts at the Elementary School Level
Evaluating a strategy to space evolutionary biology concepts across grade levels rather than concentrating them all in third grade, Gregory F . Grether

Building Argumentation Skills in the Biology Classroom: An Evolution Unit That Develops Students’ Capacity to Construct Arguments from Evidence
Using a scaffolded claims-evidence-reasoning argumentation framework embedded within an eight-week, freely available curriculum unit to influence both student and teacher learning, Sheila A . Homburger, Dina Drits-Esser, Molly Malone, Louisa A . Stark

Inquiry & Investigation
Using Unplugged Computational Thinking to Scaffold Natural Selection Learning
Preparing students for STEM careers by introducing computational literacy through computational thinking in core science courses, such as biology, Amanda Peel, Troy D . Sadler, Patricia Friedrichsen

Tips, Tricks & Techniques
Teaching Evolutionary Concepts in Elementary School
Describing four lesson plans designed to cover the NGSS Disciplinary Core Ideas in evolutionary biology for grades 3–5 in two one-hour lessons, Gregory F . Grether, Rachel Y . Chock, Madeline C . Cowen, Josue S . De La Cruz-Sevilla, Taylor N . Drake,
Krista S . Lum, Andrew Ovakimyan, Sheela R . Sood, Wei Tang, Katherine A . Whitney, Mike Z . Yang

Biomimicry outside the Classroom
Using informal science institutions with natural models and artifacts to incorporate biomimicry into lesson plans and help students grasp scientific concepts, Rebecca S . Eagle-Malone

Guest Commentary • Evolution Unsettled in State Science Standards? Not in Kansas Anymore, Lin Andrews
Book Reviews • Amanda L . Glaze-Crampes, Department Editor
Classroom Materials & Media Review • Jeffrey D . Sack, Department Editor

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